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"I have been searching for the siblings of my maternal great grandfather for decades without success. I hired Stephen and within one week he found four siblings and their birth and baptism dates! I know I will use his skills again with my other brick walls!!"


~Tina T.


"Oh Stephen! I am so pleased with the work you have done on my behalf! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm rather gobsmacked at the moment!"

~Nancy W.


"Highly recommend Stephen! This report was wonderful - learned some more very valuable information - and where to search further!"


~Andrea R.

"I'm surprised and absolutely elated with the information Stephen found! I have searched for documentation for 29 years. I would've contacted Stephen sooner had I known he was so fair with his charges. The next time I need help with any of my ancestry, I will not hesitate for a moment to ask Stephen! I am elated!"

~Elizabeth Y.


"I plan on using Mr. Wendt again for my research and I am going to recommend him to my family and friends."

~Diane H.


"Stephen worked on a project for me recently and did an excellent job. He provided a very professional report in a timely manner and gave me well defined steps to follow for my future research."

~Kyle R.



"Stephen is a very knowledgeable and competent genealogist . He’s also very honest, kind, and generous. His efforts to help those of us interested in Family history are very appreciated!"

~Cheryl M


"Stephen is an excellent genealogist. He is generous with his time and knowledge. Prussian ancestors have a complex history and he takes the time to explain it and makes suggestions about places to find information. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for genealogist service."

~Chris F.


“It has been my pleasure to work with Mr. Stephen Wendt on my maternal grandmother's heritage after he came highly recommended to me.  After giving Mr. Wendt my basic family information, he was able to pursue my objectives and questions.  His research was thorough.  He found information that wasn't available on the ancestry site I had used. Mr. Wendt gave me frequent updates during his research by email and was available to me at all times. I highly recommend Mr. Wendt and look forward to doing additional research in the future!” 


~Peggy W.

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