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  • German Genealogy --- July 17, 2021                          


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"Stephen's webinar for getting started with research in Germany was extremely helpful both in reinforcing the importance of German/Prussian history as a foundation for research and understanding, and in giving actionable guidance on next steps. Time well spent! Stephen has also been most helpful in providing links to German resources and he knows what (and more

importantly) what is not yet available online. Highly recommend!"

 "Stephen has great storytelling abilities and a method that is very helpful."


"The webinar was very well presented and I appreciate the time that went into the presentation. I am just starting some of my Scottish research..."

"I really appreciated the history, geography and the sources of where to research. Very well presented. Thanks!"

"Look forward to future opportunities and learning."

"Great webinar on Scotland tonight. I am glad I was able to attend."


"Good program showing how important it it to know the various parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire." 

"I was enthralled, especially with the Case Study and the sources."

"The guidance on available resources and research strategies was quite helpful."

"The webinar would be particularly helpful to someone starting their research but useful as well to someone who has been at it for a while. I picked up several new online resources I didn't know about. I've been doing this for over 20 years.

Time well spent!"