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Reviving an Old Cookie Family Tradition!

Happy New Year 2021 from Tree Tidings Genealogy!

While many of us were waiting for what seemed like an eternity to ring in the new year, over the holidays, my family had the opportunity to reminisce about an Italian Christmas cookie tradition that goes way back!

During my growing up years at Christmastime, my late grandmother served the so-called S-cookies (“S” stands for Scorza) for family on Christmas Day.

This biscotti-like cookie was extra crunchy, which made it all the more memorable.

As my late grandmother’s health gradually declined over the years, she discontinued this family tradition. After she passed away, no one in the family could find the S-cookie recipe. However, in late 2020, a family member finally found it!

Over the holidays, some family members did a remarkable job by reviving this Christmas family tradition. They not only made S-cookies in honor of my Italian roots. They also made W-cookies (“W” stands for Wendt; although unrelated to my Italian roots) for fun as well!

Sometimes it is the small things in life-like old family traditions-which bring us joy!

May you and yours have a Happy New Year 2021!


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