Stephen Wendt, MLIS, is a professional genealogist, speaker and owner of Tree Tidings Genealogy. Stephen holds a Master of Library and Information Science from Kent State University.  


Stephen specializes in Prussian/German and Scottish Genealogy and he is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Ohio Genealogical Society, the Ohio Chapter of Palatines to America, The Historical Society of North German Settlements in WNY and other genealogical organizations.

Stephen gives lectures on Prussian/German Genealogy, Austro-Hungarian Genealogy, as well as on Scottish Genealogy. Whether someone is starting out or wishes to go deeper, Stephen's lectures are replete with essential background information, resources and examples! 

Stephen's diverse ancestral background sparked his passion for genealogy early on 
in his adult life. He has studied his Prussian-German heritage extensively.  His Prussian ancestors left their homeland for Niagara County, New York, in order to avoid religious persecution waged by their own government.  Stephen's Austrian Silesian ancestors left what is now the Czech Republic for Nebraska because their union clashed with social customs still in effect back in the homeland. His Scottish ancestors emigrated to Ottawa, Canada, for economic opportunities.


Family story after family story, a common theme comes into greater relief: the goal of building a better future in the midst of adversity and uncertainty. The difficult circumstances, which his ancestors faced, shed light on some of the perennial questions that we still ask today pertaining to the human condition.  

If you need genealogical assistance, Stephen is just a click or a phone call away. For all 
research requests, please fill out as much information as you know here.​

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